Need this for my intro to computer science class…
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Very happy I can save one bit with this logic toy. Forget the cloud. Save your bits by hand.

Never thought I would be modchipping a playstation in 2022…

I have been thinking about a remark on a slide "we (team) do not scale..."

Well the only thing that does scale amongst people is burnout, both horizontal and vertical... 🤔

This train has a stop at exactly 22:00 and that’s where the two same services cross each other… is this what they mean by ultimate satisfaction?

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day 🏴‍☠️ Let me take you to 1990 to show you my favourite pirate…

My top 10 iOS 16 features:

1: The less painful find my sound
2: that sound actually…

10: having a calendar widget on the lockscreen

Listening to feedback is important… that is why my course material is now available in dark mode this year due to popular demand 😅

Not sure how I got hold of this... but it must have been part of something interesting in the past...

“Oh hello there pretty… you work here often?” - me flirting with a 400MHz analog oscilloscope

My sources informed me that Smolhaj is available in Belgium. This is not a drill people, travel sized sharks are available 🥰

I am annoyed that I have no space left to place my bike in the rack…
But on the other side so happy to see so many people now taking the e-bike to work 🥰

@conejo hey do you still have that gopher pin schematics? Found an unsolder package in my drawer would like to finish it 😁

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