SNCB app: sorry delayed you won’t make that connection

Me: oh yeah? watch me! [speed runs FGSP and catches the connection]

As a mother I would not put love you notes in my children’s lunchboxes, I would just give them rickrolls!

That proves it yesterday I glitched the matrix and I live in the unit tests now…

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The hardware setup is an Arduino Nano IoT (love those) and 2 euros worth of RS232 convertibles and gender changers (ignore my probes I had a fun time debugging 😥)

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With single board computers becoming rare and expensive I needed a solution for hosting my ticket printers… so I ported go-escpos to TinyGo 😊
Now an Arduino van print tickets with the exact same code as a computer would 😍

There comes a day in your career that you actually use a 90s computer to debug your code…

I have sad the sad news that Animal Crossing City Folk will stop working in the year 2100 😥 (didn’t we learn form y2k?)

The heatwaves got me like... will work for free as long your office has AC, thank you 🥵

For some reason it entered my mind that chocolate is a perfect 3D printing material…

Alt: UI with button login with USB (yes I know it does others) pressing it then me touching a blue yubikey on a thin client and it immediately logs into my own user.

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I finished my WebAuthn integration today 😍 this is soooo nice 😊

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