This train thread starts with… a bike! Been two years since I crossed a border… today I’m leaving for Bordeaux, France!

Still my favourite slogan, a lot of my train trips stated here!

It all starts the same as every trip… arriving too early so looking at trains and an HLE18 locomotive trying to hire me

I’ll be live tooting on Mastodon, so sorry birdsite users you might experience delays! I only hope I do not today 😅

Delays? So travel schedule! We (oh yes we today a co-worker will join me) will be going to FBMZ (Brussels Midi) to take the Thalys to Paris, where we then have a direct connection to Bordeaux!

So 3 companies today: NMBS Thalys and SNCF! Not including any light rail in between

Almost leaving for Brussels. Looked up the train type, hope the classic MS is in the back so I can catch it!

The Diesel locs sleeping 🥰 spot the HLd62 restored to original state in the back

Our Thalys is here! Not a ruby yet but those chances are low

Saying hi to the Eurostar on the other side! Already spotted Eurostar Family branding for the fusion between Eurostar and Thalys

We entered TVM signaling zone which means SPEEED

paging @andrew_randall for a new french train :)

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