@maartje I really gotta look into how you re-fluffen a shark 😅

@spacekookie just buy a new... sorry no some of my sharks i really need to do that too but the professor (i don't give them names just academic titles) really keeps his fluff

@maartje yea no i could never just replace a shark D: my oldest is from 2017. Youngest from 2019.
There should be a shark hospital :P

@spacekookie i performed bottom surgery on a small one from china... should attempt a full one when i bought me some fluff
yeah no every shark has a place in my heart too :)

@spacekookie @maartje just take Ikea INNER which is basically the same fluff. the first one takes a of time, but the operation is rather simple, local anesthesia is sufficient.

@maartje hope they can take a big bite out of that stack of papers!

@maartje ooh what kind of laptop is that? I like how small it is!

@maartje Thanks! Probably my ideal laptop 😄 Maybe the XPS15 though!

@maartje Careful with moderation - sharks always grade down.

@maartje @Geisseltierchen Finally, I know how these ratings come about. Thank you very much for this. 🥳

(#Funfact: sharks don't have thumbs to hold a pen.)

@maartje that’s an absolute piece of computer, I’m trying to find a thinkpad for my needs but and for now the X1 Extreme Gen1 is serving me well but a slightly modified keyboard is preventing me to adopt it as a daily driver

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