I finally found the M7 BMx 😍 Belgian’s first motorized steeringpost car… or what is actually is: a giant locomotive with a few seats for geeks

Just 2 diesel wagons in this composition, single track through much green scenery brings small train joy

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QR codes contain random tokens valid for a few minutes the app fetches them directly over wifi and keeps them up to date

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Our campus has a proprietary payment system with QR code function… So I reverse engineered the API built an app and voila paying with my watch 😍

Literally everyone: Maartje take some time off!!!

Me on Sunday: learns SwiftUI in one day, builds a Watch app… cannot wait to field test it tomorrow… more to follow 😁

On the low tech side of my exams… i had to distribute them in public accessible places… so I had to tamper proof them… good thing I remembered cert-manager could seal them so they could not be looked into or be modified 😄 one could say X.509 also works IRL

There are no clocks in classrooms anymore… so I have to come up with a high tech solution!

Normal people: look at my 50 inch 8K OLED…

Me: I prefer 625 lines being beamed to be by an artwork called Trinitron, thank you very much

Warning: contains plastic do not not use to feed your dead turtle

Look I don’t feel like explaining all git dissection commands every day okay… (i feel so called out)
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Git. 🔥


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