@q Looks at my campus's book binding options and cries in only soft options 😪

@ln yeah… i had used travis ci a while ago but if you need anything else than “push it to test flight” then it is a baaad idea 😅

@ln my reason is when i look at my wage… buut… euh reason… well I just build my xcode stuff for free in the cloud 😅 (says the girl who regularly uses her 8 year old macbook pro…)

@q cannot find a picture of how i got several 48port cisco switches home but we should exchange notes on rack-compatible bike bags

Need this for my intro to computer science class…
RT @futurebird
Very happy I can save one bit with this logic toy. Forget the cloud. Save your bits by hand.

Never thought I would be modchipping a playstation in 2022…

I have been thinking about a remark on a slide "we (team) do not scale..."

Well the only thing that does scale amongst people is burnout, both horizontal and vertical... 🤔

@q this is why I keep trying to get a hacker culture class going…

@clonejo gonna use the 1984 slogan “klokvaste verbindingen”

@Peetz0r it is real… super tiny station with a daily passenger count of 20 but it is the exact middle on the schedule. That did only happen after the electrification as it used to be Bouwel as the diesel trains had less acceleration. You still notice it in the last two trains of the day as they are still diesel hauled

This train has a stop at exactly 22:00 and that’s where the two same services cross each other… is this what they mean by ultimate satisfaction?

Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day 🏴‍☠️ Let me take you to 1990 to show you my favourite pirate…

@q i just assume we convinced you to join the good side of the electrical spectrum 😁

My top 10 iOS 16 features:

1: The less painful find my sound
2: that sound actually…

10: having a calendar widget on the lockscreen

@q now you made me interested and I’m gonna spend all night on wikipedia reading about this… THANK YOU

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