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A tiny TinyGo project to end the weekend 😊 connected my ticket printer to my planning tool so I can get hard copies of my lists (ideas, groceries once I programmed that in…, etc.) whenever needed 🥰

Somehow I get paid for this…

Now available holidays for your plant 🪴

Eeuh… how about no?

(That band name and song didn’t age well…)

Of course the alpha version took me 2 hours (on Linux)… but 4 hours to get it to work on windows because their drivers suck 😭

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Alt: CD-i Bluetooth module conencted to laptop with browser open and me clicking a button to get serial permissions several times

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Mouse support is one thing… but how do I ship the update to customers? Not one but two microcontrollers need updates in this thing…
The answer? WebUSB of couse!

Of course it works with games and not just the CD player i used to troll you all (do not mind my poor skills)

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After a random idea I got in the middle of a conversation I finally solved the mouse lag issue due to the slow speeds the CD-i input port operates at! Meet the first CD-i Bluetooth Mouse 💿🖱

Why does the Linux teacher correct her exams on the beach?

So she has shell access

OH: “this is my emotional support train”

City or PCB… who will tell but this is such a piece of art!

Warning following picture may cause attraction for some people 🤤

I’d like to thank COVID-19 for causing all classrooms to finally have cleaning supplies

The teacher who always manages to spill coffee

So much stress when a streamer goes test your BT module on a super rare and weird CD-i model you never tested 😥

My bike broke down so my chauffeur came to pick me up in the Mercedes to drive me to work.
He’ll now pass by every half our to check if I’m ready!

(If we describe busses this way maybe people will take them)

I don’t often boot windows but when i do…

It tries to update my bios, fails and reboots
Updates the OS, fails and reboots
Update the bios again, fails
Updates the OS, reboots
Boots back into Linux as good laptop should 😅

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