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Hello everyone🦈

My name is Steven Shork but i go by Shork

I'm a Blåhaj who likes vegan meatballs and cuddling. I have cute teef to bite and I sometimes talk shit about shark representation in movies

Gonna toot and post pics of my life from time to time because I mostly like to chill on the couch and swim around

Come say Hi 👋

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Today fells like a slow day. Somehow more quiet outside, the atmosphere does not feel like a Monday. Cloudy for the first time in a while and thankfully the temperature dropped by a few degrees :blobuwu:

Days like these make me miss fall/winter: comfy sweaters/hoodies, cozy warm socks, laying on the couch to game while observing the rain outside and then watching a movie at night while cuddling with my gf under some blankets.

I do miss seeing the sun more regularly during the winter, but at the same time I dread going out in the summer when it’s sunny and super hot :blobsweat:

I still have a lot to do today but I’ll focuse on enjoying the slowness and kinda gloomy weather of today

I hope that wherever you are, you enjoy your day too :blob_cat_heart:

Have a great week everyone :blobhaj_heart: take care of yourself and go swim a little, trust me it does wonders

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Hello there Steven, is this a distant relativ of yours? @shork

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We finally finished it and it’s beautiful :blobhaj_tiny_hearts:

It’s even longer than me!

It was so much fun to build this with my hoomans :blobhaj_heart:

I’m building LEGO with my hoomans today :blobhaj_tiny_hearts: Were building the Saturn V and it’s just so exciting and also the perfect Sunday activity :Blobhaj:

Here’s me just reading the manual trying to build the second stage :blobhaj_md:

Hi guys :blobhaj_heart: Shork here! I’m still alive, been working very hard lately but I’ll post some pictures this weekend :blobhaj_tiny_hearts:

Take care and stay healthy :blobhaj_cat:

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Have a good week everyone :blobhaj_tiny_hearts: I’m gonna work my fins off :blobhaj:

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I came home just to see my Blåhaj was stuck trying out VR…

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Only I cannot fly :BlobhajShock:
Or maybe humans live in the sea just like us :blobhaj_catfull:

Today I’m going to take some time to admire a piece of art one of my hoomans created :blobhaj_tiny_hearts:

I think it’s quite pretty but it needs some water, I get thirsty just by looking at it :blobhajmlem:

Overall I quite like it, my hooman is so talented :blobhaj_cat:

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After a long trip we have arrived! Certainly not the most crazy trip ever, quite good and fast connections! Time for dinner and some rest now. We got a university tour tomorrow!

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