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If you're having issues with mental health or anxiety one thing you can try is spending 6-12 hours a day on social media. The lovely people there will make sure you're taken care of.

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Ikea service where you provided your credit card and when new Blåhaj products come out they charge your card and send you the items directly.

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so grateful for my 6 beautiful children. god is good and we are blessed 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Unfortunately we can’t WakeOnLan an RPi… but this is the next best thing

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I had to research different types of narcissism for my upcoming book, and let me tell you, covert narcissism is a thing and it's really harmful.

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Having a lot of fun at @[email protected]!

Just played two games of The Isle of Cats. My 9yo and I liked that it comes with a streamlined simplified ruleset called “family mode” to help new players hit the ground running.

Also, the printing on the inside of the box lid is fantastic.

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Us (well… mostly me): I don’t have a problem remembering stuff. I wonder why I’m feeling a bit shitty today.

Our brain: *hides the memory of something from literal days ago from our conscious minds*

Me: it’s a complete mystery

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i followed you because of a funny post some time ago, but its been exciting to learn about your bleak personal life and extreme political views

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me : i'm a horrible person

them : but you're not though ?

me : ah, yes, the fact that i fooled you is the proof of the depths of my evil

them : you're literally always going out of your way to help people

me : yes but sometimes i feel a little annoyed while i'm helping

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Two new patches now in both online st0res. 🪡
(Check link in bio to access)

Took me long enough to get a rhyme for non-binary, and I'm happy with both patches! 🏳️‍🌈

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